Originally, rumors said that Apple would be announcing their new mini iPad along with the iPhone in September – but the date has now been confirmed for October instead. Apple believes the mini iPad deserves its own conference and shouldn’t just be part of the celebration of the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 has a release date of September 21st after the 12th’s press conference discussing the new phone and its innovative qualities. Apple has neither confirmed nor denied this claim, but the date would line up well with past release dates over the past few years of the next generation of iPhone.

The iPad mini is a highly anticipated gadget. Not only will the price be more affordable for those who cannot manage to find the $750 for a regular iPad, some wireless carriers are considering subsidizing the mini iPad even though most no longer do so for Galaxy Tabs and full-size iPads.

The official price tag for the iPad mini is expected to be announced at the October press conference, but the price is expected to be as low as $250.


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