Actually, every business does have to have drama. It’s part of running a business that has multiple facets, people, and plans. It’s just part of life, and it’s okay. However, this drama often leaves business owners completely confounded. Drama comes up and it scares people, and it makes them rattled, sad, or closed-minded. But drama doesn’t have to affect your ability to run a business – drama can empower you.

First, you have to decide that you want to change. This may seem like a very easy decision, but it’s not. Most people, instead of deciding that it’s time to start again, decide to stare at a situation and hope it fix itself. Then they sit around and wonder why it doesn’t get any better.

Once you’ve made the proper decision, then you can decide that you need to beat this thing in the proper manner. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how you’re going to beat the drama, you just have to decide that that is what you want.

Then you have to start. Focus most, if not all, of your attention on making sure that you make it clear with yourself and others that the drama is no longer acceptable. You should refuse to let it have any power over you anymore. Don’t say “this is too hard” or “I can’t handle this,” because that’s when the crazy drama wins and you’re stuck in a hole you don’t want to be in.

Now it’s time to fix your issue.

It starts with looking at other people and how they deal with the same issue you have. You’ll probably come up with a few different solutions that you then have to morph into usable solutions for your company. Find a solution that somebody has already found and work with it – since no one’s situation is 100% unique, you should be able to find a way. It is your job, after all, to become the kind of leader that finds a way.

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